Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for go!  That's right. Don't ever stop when it comes to following your dreams. Continually move forward. Even if at the moment you seem to be moving slowly. Just remember, "Don't quit!"  Too many people continuously sit at the stoplight as if it is still on red. But at some point, we must heed the green light that tells us it's okay to start moving again. There are so many things that place a stop sign in front of your dreams. It's okay if you must periodically stop and assess if that is the direction that you need to be headed in. It is okay to stop and see if you are following the right instructions to get to your destination. It's okay to slow down and enjoy the journey and socialize with those who you meet along your path. It's okay to stop long enough to refuel for the journey ahead. But once you do these things, pick yourself up and move forward again. You heard me. Go, go, go!

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  1. Love the stop light analogy! I need to heed this advice in areas of my life.