Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for caring.  When I was in nursing school "a few years ago", (smile), I remember the nursing students receiving t-shirts with the phrase, "Ask me if I care."  Even though today I may tease my friends or coworkers about not being a caring person when it comes to them, they know differently. I would not be who I am if I did not posses a caring personality. Often this "giving" characteristic has almost been my downfall for I have cared so much for others, I have often found myself putting the need of others above my own. Many of you can probably relate. How do you then explain when you see so many things happening around you that show just how little some people care about others.  Caring is not something that you can instill in others. Unfortunately it is not something valued by everyone. However, I challenge anyone to add a little caring in their daily routine and see how your inner perception about yourself and life in general takes a complete turn.  One place that I often work at and visit is the particular nursing home that my mom lives in. I often see people who are often left alone to survive on their own until their demise.  Some patients cry out for a visit or for someone to step in and ease their pain. It is sometimes very difficult to walk away knowing you can get away from it all but they can't. O.K, it is true that caring can be very time-consuming and often offers very little to no pay. It is not glamorous. But I would not give up CARING about others for ANYTHING!


  1. i love this! very inspirational. thanks for sharing. xo

  2. You sound like a GREAT human being. Don't change. We love you this way.