Friday, February 17, 2012

I saw a television show one day that showed a man having a vision telling us that feelings of insecurity and inferiority were our biggest blocks to total success. I have been working on feeling confident in all decisions that I make in all things that I do. I am also making the decision to think positively about myself and assume others feel the same way. It does not take long for negative feelings to overwhelm us, depress us, and dampen our desire to continue forward with everyday activities. And our feelings, whether negative or positive, effect our surroundings in such profound ways that they eventually affect our destinies in ways we will never know.  On my job, I see how my emotions are reflected back to me by my co-workers and patients and become more convinced each day that I will determine my circumstances' outcomes by my attitude!  What about you? What are you doing to move past your everyday insecurities?