Monday, January 30, 2012

Sitting here with mom missing some of our times together when she was up and going and was able to hold decent conversations with me. My greatest lesson at this time is making the most of each moment in order to not look back with bundles of regret.  I'm trying to use the past to learn more and use the future to be more motivated.  I look forward to continually growing in wisdom and compassion.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I had promised to interview someone for my blog soon. He was a person with small resources but big hopes and dreams. I was going to feature him under a site entitled "Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things".  I had been so busy, I kept putting off the interview even though he kept calling to remind me to do it. Then he unexpectedly died a few days ago. What a bummer! Now, I'll never know what he wanted to say in his interview. My lesson for life on this is to always be careful about what you are too busy to do... I will try to find some records of his works and maybe some pictures from his family or friends and still honor him with a posthumous article. What's your thoughts?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

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Dear Blogging friends, just something I pulled up from somewhere in archives. Thought was a little interesting. You are welcome to share it with others....
New Year

A new year approaches
It is a time for new beginnings
A time to start all over
To find yourself again
And somewhere along the way
Find all those loved ones that you left behind.

And make up for some of the things that you said and did.
To forgive someone even if your only reason to do so
Is because God forgives you daily.

To make a promise to kick a habit that is controlling your life in a negative way.
To promise to be good to yourself because you are a gift to yourself from God.

To make an extra effort to show someone you really care, before it is too late and they are no longer there.
To thank God for everything He has given and taught you the past year and will teach you in the future.

To begin your search for happiness, realizing that happiness means contentment.
And contentment means doing things that make you feel good about living.

In other words, things that make you say that it’s okay to explore another year.

Denise Sutton

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Insecure writer's fear:
One of my fears as a writer is finding a niche that fits me. Often, when I go to a book signing with multiple authors, I am usually the only non-fiction author and readers seem to be drawn to the excitement of a plot. I know that non-fiction is said to do well but I guess that will come in due time. The thing with non-fiction books is that there are so many out, you usually have to be well known to sell a large number. One of the things that I do have going for me is creativity and I see some will be needed for my last two projects. Wish me the best! Another fear that I have is that the time needed to promote will take me away from my first love of writing if I am not careful.  HOWEVER, I am challenged to let the words I write motivate me and thus I am in it to win and will take advantage of every possible opportunity, whether large or small, that comes my way.

So excited about being on Bookem's blog right now! I look forward to participating in February....