Sunday, April 22, 2012

S is for "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".  Yes, give me something that challenges me. Don't throw me the easy stuff. I want to know that I've done something that few people have taken the time to do.  And, I want it to be impressive. O.K. Easy is good sometimes, but anyone can do easy. It is those things that surpass the ordinary that stand out in a crowd. What makes "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" such a challenge? Is it just the spelling? Is it the fact that hardly anyone knows what it means or that there is no meaning for it? Or is the sheer power of how it sounds when pronounced correctly? We can learn a lot from this word. One, how to think and dream big. Two, how to face and conquer uncertainties and eventually overcome them. And the list could probably go on. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

R is for resilience. Resilient is defined as "tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change " That is my watchword for the rest of the year. Go ahead and throw those situations my way. I will do just as I have in the past and bounce back. It may not be easy. I may shed some tears or lose a few winks at night but the outcome will remain the same. I know that there is a reason for all things and most things tend to work themselves out in time. No, I am not living in a fairy tale. There will continue to be some situations that will throw me for a spin as they would for anyone. However, for every problem, there is a solution. We may not agree with that solution or outcome but in the end, we realize that we cannot control everything. So, although some things do not go our way, we can fight back with the determination to move forward, not backwards.So here's to perfecting the advice to "get back up, brush yourself off, and start all over again!"
Q is for questions. I remember a motivational speaker once said that one way to get the right answers in life is to start by asking the right questions. No question is too dumb. Questions help you to clarify the facts and often to learn something new.  Questions can help you grow. No one should feel that they are above wanting to know more.  Acquisition of knowledge is a lifelong process. And it all begins by asking questions!
P is for positive. Yes, I want to stay focused on the positive. Many times, I see myself overcome by negative thoughts and pretty soon negative words follow. I then have to catch myself and say, "Stop. Don't do it!" I am also encouraged by those who continue to be positive despite the circumstances that surround them. It is very enlightening to see that there are some who can see the bright side of any situation. It is not always easy but it is possible. And knowing that when I remain positive, it can have a rippling effect on those around me. Yes, that is one of my mid-year resolutions. To let the positive thoughts overshadow the not so positive ones.

Friday, April 20, 2012

O is for overwhelming. And yes, this has been an overwhelming week for I never would have thought that I would have fallen this far behind in the A to Z challenge. But I will not be deterred.  I will make a commitment to not let the cares of life overwhelm me to the point that I am paralyzed when it comes to accomplishing my goals.  An easy promise you might say. It is a challenge in many ways but nevertheless my desire to reach for my dreams seem to somehow always push me past potential obstacles that could lead me down the wrong path. As I look around me and see so many others who seem to be overwhelmed by the cares of life, I am more determined to not become a statistic to giving in to defeat. How do I describe myself? Overwhelmed but overcoming every step of the way....

Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for "now."  The time is now. Why do you continually put things off for tomorrow. Tomorrow should be left open for new opportunities.  If I could improve on one thing, I would choose the ability to avoid procrastination.  You may not accomplish everything that you set out to do.  However you should be able to take the steps needed to move you to the next level.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for......? Who would have thought that I would have begun getting "stumped" this early in the A to Z challenge.  Let's see, music, no. Magic, no. Mystery, no. I know! M is for "Make it Happen." How much time do you have left on earth?  Does it really matter if you live each day to the fullest?  We often procrastinate, waiting for the "right" time and the right time never seems to show up.  I often tell others, don't wait for good fortune to fall in your lap. Instead, make it happen!  Life is a constant battle of the wills. So the question becomes, "Will you do this or will you do that?"  I can't promise you that determination will get you everything you want but it will get you more than you will ever have without it. So do it for yourself, your family, and all those others who are waiting to be inspired by you.  The world is exploding with people who are waiting to say, "If she can do it, so can I."  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

L is for lyrics. As a songwriter, that is one of my specialties. I love writing lyrics that make people feel, think, and believe!  I often struggle over a piece of music for days or even weeks to find the right words to bring the song together.  It means nothing for me to continuously change a phrase or line until I feel that "ah ha" moment.  Many people are fascinated with singers. I, on the other hand, am always fascinated with the writer of those lyrics. I often question, what a person must have been going through or feeling when they wrote the words. I also question how many people will eventually be touched by a phrase that they love because it explains exactly how they felt but were unable to find the words of their own.  One of the lines from a song tBarry Manilow, "I write the songs that make the whole world sing... I am music and I write the songs!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

K is for keys!  In the field that I work in, mental health, I am surrounded by locked doors. However, I am not overwhelmed by this fact because I have the key to get through most of the doors that I want to get through. And, in life, I am comforted by this same revelation. That is the fact that the sky is the limit to me as long as I have the "key" to open up the door to more and more opportunities. I know these "keys" are in my possession and I plan to use them to my advantage. Unlike so many who act as though they are bound by their insecurities, I am freed by the knowledge that I carry the secret tool that will take me to heights unimaginable!,,,,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

J is for jump. Jump into it!  Jump into success. Jump into those habits that will get you there. If all else fails continue to move in the direction that takes you closer to your goals. Jumping means taking chances. Remember the first time you jumped into 12 feet of water after just learning how to swim? Many times when you jump, it's hit or miss. But that's the excitement of life. Taking chances without having all the answers. And believing when there's no real proof in sight. What if everyone was afraid to jump? Would we have all of the wonderful inventions and privileges we enjoy today? Just think. Someone has got to be brave enough to take the plunge. Why not you? Just do it!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

I is for ignorance. Usually I would try to stick with positive words on this a to z challenge. However, sometimes the negative words can have more of an impact than the positive ones.  I think the definition of this word is sometimes misinterpreted and those who are truly ignorant are never said to be so and some who are called ignorant are not ignorant at all.   Even God was concerned and knew the consequences of ignorance when he stated in Hosea 4:6, "My people perish for a lack of wisdom". So, who am I not to agree with the seriousness of this matter? And why do I even dwell on a word with such negative connotations?  Because, with ignorance comes the burden of fear, hatred, and violence. When we don't strive to understand something or someone different than ourselves, we often turn to tactics that we later regret but can't easily undo. Where am I heading with this? LET GO OF IGNORANCE!  Open your mind to the fact that you still have a long way to go in life and a lot to learn about others and those things around you. Things are not always what they seem. No matter how much education you have, you will never know or understand everything. So open your mind to listening to others and experiencing new things. Stop being judgmental and allow yourself to walk in another person's shoes.  If you really open your mind to what someone else is going through, you'd really be surprised. Of course the world will never be totally rid of ignorance, but we all can go a long way in keeping it in its place!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

H is for healing. When you are a writer, many times you may feel confused about what to do with this gift if it is not as lucrative as you thought it was going to be.  However, there are a select few who realize that there is a greater return than money for spreading words of inspiration. Greeting cards have become such an inspiration because of their ability to help a person to heal. As writers, we should never quit in our quest to write until one more soul is touched, one less heart is broken, and one more mind is challenged.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for go!  That's right. Don't ever stop when it comes to following your dreams. Continually move forward. Even if at the moment you seem to be moving slowly. Just remember, "Don't quit!"  Too many people continuously sit at the stoplight as if it is still on red. But at some point, we must heed the green light that tells us it's okay to start moving again. There are so many things that place a stop sign in front of your dreams. It's okay if you must periodically stop and assess if that is the direction that you need to be headed in. It is okay to stop and see if you are following the right instructions to get to your destination. It's okay to slow down and enjoy the journey and socialize with those who you meet along your path. It's okay to stop long enough to refuel for the journey ahead. But once you do these things, pick yourself up and move forward again. You heard me. Go, go, go!

Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for fun!  They say you have only one life to live, so live it!  Many times we are busy handling emergencies and worries in our daily schedule. Or we're out there trying to accomplish the next goal. I often have to remind myself that the journey towards goals is part of the goal. Therefore we should put as much excitement towards working toward our desires as we do in accomplishing them. Don't wait until you lose those pounds to celebrate. Reward yourself for eating that salad instead of a greasy alternative entree or for taking those stairs instead of the elevator.  Tony Robbins was one of the motivational speakers that hooked me to the fact that almost anything can be made fun if you turn it into a game or challenge.  So there you have it. No one else can do it for you. So go out and brighten the world up with some happy activity.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Easter!  In the upcoming holiday season, many wishes go out to all who join in the celebration of the Risen Savior. Many will celebrate this time with Easter egg hunts and other festivities. Still others have celebrated since last Sunday and will continue on until Easter Sunday with church services.  As I look at the spiritual meaning behind Easter, I am reminded of the hope we are to share with others who know that resurrection represents life again! So many are suffering spiritual deaths in their own personal ways as they face daily trials. Although these things will be, we must fight to keep our spirits alive and moving forward!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dare. Dare to believe. Dare to be the best you can be. So many whose potential could be unlimited are held back by old beliefs that there are limitations to what they can achieve because of past failures and negative comments. I am now refusing to believe that I can be anything less than an achiever who can leave the world a better place because of my existence. This has meant challenging myself to do what I normally would not do in order to bring out the most potential within myself. Hopefully my daring personality will cause others to do the same and dare to put their best foot forward while reaching for their most inner desires. Dare to believe. You never know. You may grow to like it!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for caring.  When I was in nursing school "a few years ago", (smile), I remember the nursing students receiving t-shirts with the phrase, "Ask me if I care."  Even though today I may tease my friends or coworkers about not being a caring person when it comes to them, they know differently. I would not be who I am if I did not posses a caring personality. Often this "giving" characteristic has almost been my downfall for I have cared so much for others, I have often found myself putting the need of others above my own. Many of you can probably relate. How do you then explain when you see so many things happening around you that show just how little some people care about others.  Caring is not something that you can instill in others. Unfortunately it is not something valued by everyone. However, I challenge anyone to add a little caring in their daily routine and see how your inner perception about yourself and life in general takes a complete turn.  One place that I often work at and visit is the particular nursing home that my mom lives in. I often see people who are often left alone to survive on their own until their demise.  Some patients cry out for a visit or for someone to step in and ease their pain. It is sometimes very difficult to walk away knowing you can get away from it all but they can't. O.K, it is true that caring can be very time-consuming and often offers very little to no pay. It is not glamorous. But I would not give up CARING about others for ANYTHING!

Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Believe.  It is so easy to quit believing in yourself and your abilities to make the most of your potential. When there is so many things out there competing for our attention and the attention of others, we are often side tracked into thinking that our pursuit is useless and that success is miles away.  I remember a famous story line in the TV show, "Touched by An Angel".  In it, Ms. Della Reese had asked some people to join her in praying for rain during a a terrible drought. When they all met to go into making their requests, Ms. Reese noticed that no one else who had come to pray for the rain had brought an umbrella.  When asked about it, Ms. Reese simply stated that she apparently was the only one who really believe that the drought would end after their requests were made!  So my challenge to others and myself is to make more of an effort to act in accordance to actin!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


As I enter my first year of the A to Z challenge, I am compelled to write the first thing that comes to mind. As the letter for today is "A", my first thought was "April", recognizing the many things that happen in this month. But then I thought of something more motivating to me. The word I came up with is "action". As I think of life and how easy it is to give up and quit reaching for your dreams, I thought to myself, the secret is movement toward your goals. I see many talk about their dreams but few work toward it. . So many good ideas going astray. So much talent going unused. All I can do is shout out to others as well as to my self. ACT! Act on your goals. Act on what needs to be done from day to day. And if life becomes so difficult that you feel you can't make the next few steps, then TAKE ONE STEP for one step is better than none.Visualizing and planning are important but all the knowledge building and planning in the world mean nothing if it is not backed by movement toward the goal.  Act not just for yourself but rather act so that others who see you will be motivated to act toward their own goals. You will be surprised at how far a little movement can go a long way in making a big change for the better!