Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My newest CD, "Decade of Hope" is due out this December. I am very excited about the positive messages on this project.  The songs include two Relay for Life songs, "Decade of Hope" and "We Are Not Defeated". These songs were two of the past themes for the Duplin County Relay for Life.  The songs express the determination of cancer victims and their families to hold onto hope after a diagnosis of cancer. Even if the victims succumb to cancer, we must hold onto the hope that there is a cure for others. Other songs include "I Am a Queen", a song about women finding the strength and beauty inside of themselves. This song is sung by my daughter, Brittany Sutton who was the inspiration behind this song. Every year, for her birthday, Brittany wore a crown stating she was a queen for that day!  "We are Defeated" includes a patriotic song about how America should stand as an example to other countries. This song was originally written as a motivational song for the Warsaw Middle School students in 2003 to encourage them to find the beauty within themselves. It was taught to James Kenan High School students several years after I wrote it and performed beautifully by memory.  "I Can Do It" talks about having a can do attitude and not giving up on your goals. This song has been performed in several school settings with the students joining in with me on the chorus. Catchy tune which the very young seem to enjoy. "I Can Make A Difference" is a song that I hope cause others to think twice about working with one another to better reach their goals. "Poetry in Motion" expresses my love for writing and poetry. Thanks also to Damien Thomas who helped with a lot of the vocals on these songs.  The theme is how from the tragedies of 2001 up until this year 2011, we have lived within a decade of hope!

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