Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Library

I can meet a perfect stranger, fall in and out of love in one day.
I can see places I've never been before, whether near or far away.
I can join with other readers or just sit by myself.
Still, my chance to enter another world is there on a shelf.

I can find well known classics or books not known by all.
And if i wanted to know my heritage, history books heed my call.
I can learn a new language; find out how to get a degree.
And I can keep up with the latest news at my local library.

I can surf the internet; research til my heart's content.
I can make each visit special, more like a spectacular event!
I can check out a video if it's something I want to see.
And if I'd rather hear a song, I can just look for a cd.

I can photocopy or laminate items; there's so much one can do
And fun, inspirational and educational events are offered too.
If you question the importance of the library, just take a look and see
How much of an impact this institution makes in each community!

C. D. Sutton 
copyright September 2009

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