Thursday, March 8, 2012

National Nutrition Month

“Check Your Nutrition IQ”

March is National Nutrition Month. See if you are ready to “Get Your Plate in
Shape” by taking this nutrition quiz.

1. Which food is the best non-citrus source of Vitamin C?
A. bell pepper B. potato
C. tomato D. plum

2. How much weight can you safely lose in one week?
A. 4-5 pounds B. 2-3 pounds
C 1-2 pounds D. None of the above

3. What is considered a healthy total cholesterol level for an adult?
A. 200-239 mg/dL B. 70-175 mg/dL
C at least 240 mg/dL D. 120-199 mg/dL

4. Which food is the highest in absorbable iron content ?
A. beets B. fortified cereal
C. roast beef D. spinach

5. True or False: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.
T. F.

6. What is the new recommended daily intake of sodium for the average American adult?
A. 2300 mg B. 3 grams
C. 6 grams D. 400 mg

7. How many servings of fruits and vegetables do we need each day?
A. 2-3 servings B. 5-9 servings
C. 4-6 servings D. None of the above

8. Which food is the best source of whole grains?
A. popcorn B. corn flakes
C. white rice D. red velvet cake

9. What does Vitamin D do for your body?
A. Reduces inflammation B. Aids with bone health
C. Modulated immune function D. All of the above

10. How much fluid does the average adult need daily?
A. 1 ml per calorie consumed B. 6-8 glasses
C 10-12 cups D. 2 cc/calorie consumed

1. A 2. C 3. D 4. C 5. F 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. D 10. A

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