Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year

A new year approaches
It is a time for new beginnings
A time to start all over
To find yourself again
And somewhere along the way
Find all those loved ones that you left behind.

And make up for some of the things that you said and did.
To forgive someone even if your only reason to do so
Is because God forgives you daily.

To make a promise to kick a habit that is controlling your life in a negative way.
To promise to be good to yourself because you are a gift to yourself from God.

To make an extra effort to show someone you really care, before it is too late and they are no longer there.
To thank God for everything He has given and taught you the past year and will teach you in the future.

To begin your search for happiness, realizing that happiness means contentment.
And contentment means doing things that make you feel good about living.

In other words, things that make you say that it’s okay to explore another year.

Denise Sutton

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  1. Hi again, Alex. I'm beginning the new year by preparing for the A to Z challenge.